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Let's Talk About Our Country

Let's Talk About Our Country

In this edition of my blog I would like to talk about the path our country seems to be traveling down... In February 2016, the State of Iowa will begin voting on their Presidential candidates. Currently, in Iowa, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, is leading in most polls. Whether Donald Trump is the appropriate candidate, I will save for a later discussion. On the Democrat side however there are very few choices. Hillary Clinton, even with all her possible future felony convictions, leads, the most insane lunatic since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in Bernie Sanders. The only good thing I can say about Bernie Sanders, is that he at least tells the truth about what he is going to do. 

This election is an interesting one; the last election, wound up being about the 49% (the 49% of the population that were on welfare). Today, it will be interesting, on whether or not that same 49% is going to be the focus, or whether it will be something different. I pray that what the focus is not, is the free-loaders... literally, the people who want everything for free! Because that of course, is what Bernie Sanders is attempting to sell!! 

Bernie Sanders, is the candidate that is promising to give free college tuition... free health care... free anything that he can think of that the people of this country... or should I say the free-loaders of this country, could ever want. There is of course only one thing that he requires in return... and that is a 90% tax-rate. What does that mean for you and me? Well for me my $1000 paycheck is going to be more like $100. Which means I won't be buying SH*T!!! Literally, not even POOP!!! What will I get in return, well free-health insurance... wooo boy, free college tuition, so he'll pay off that $22,000 I owe... wooo boy!! So $1000 to $100, imagine if that happens to the rich people... And I know it is very easy to say they need to pay more... but think about it in the way of spending. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck under this President. So if my $1000 paycheck drops to $100, that is money I can't spend in the economy... that means extremely serious damage to the economy and to the country.

I pray that the American people are not stupid enough to vote in a person, just because he promises us the world... Nothing in life is free... and we all should I know that by now!!

So let's look at Donald Trump, while I don't know what to think about him completely yet, a Democrat turned Republican, I have to be reminded that another President that we all love and adored did the same thing in Ronald Reagan. Now, Donald Trump has the fact that he is willing to ANYTHING!!! And not anything in order to make you want to vote for him like Bernie Sanders, but anything that comes to his mind... The American people like him, I believe because he is real. He is willing to day what a lot of America thinks. Such as the statement on building the wall on the Southern Border. But then he goes one step further and says, well Mexico will pay for it. Again, something the American people would like to hear, and they believe him when he says it. Some of Trump's most recent comments are about the same, with stating that he would end the importation of Muslim's into the country. Again, something that Americans were thinking, but wouldn't have said. 

It will be a very interesting election cycle coming up, I pray that we at least get a Conservative as our next President. Barack Obama has ruined this country, has made us weak, has destroyed our economy, and is increasing our debt to record highs. I believe that our next Conservative President, is going to have to make hard choices, very unpopular choices. That makes me think that Donald Trump may be the answer... He doesn't want to be President, but he believes he knows how to get us on the right track. The other candidates in the race on the Republican side, support reducing our debt too, but they may not be as prepared to take the slings and arrows for doing so, and may also be concerned about the impact it will have on the Senate and the House. Again, I believe Donald Trump would not be affected by this... On the other side with Hillary Clinton, you have a woman who says she will not race taxes on the middle class. But what about the class under the middle class, and what about the high class, the class which spends the most money in our economy. Hillary's current thoughts have been to increase our national debt about $3 Trillion dollars, which would put us somewhere over $21 Trillion. Bernie Sanders current thoughts would see an increase of over $18 Trillion this would completely destroy our country. Would you want to do business with a person who makes $100,000 a year but owes $200,000 in debt. I would be kind of concerned about that. It is bad enough that we are a country that creates about $18 Trillion a year but owes $18 Trillion. Let alone being a country that would owe $42 Trillion.... Our dollar would be absolutely worthless. 

But for now, I will let my readers think about what I have said here, I think you'll understand what I'm saying... While Trump might not be ideal, he may be a good idea, in our current time. Hillary hopefully will be heading to Leavenworth, and Bernie Sanders, will hopefully fade away as the whacko-bird that he is!

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David A.W. Hittle