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David Hittle

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David Hittle is 27 years old, and is a Department Manager.
David Hittle ran as a candidate for District 5 School Board (Jefferson County Board of Education)
David Hittle was a Member of the Federalist Society at Liberty University School of Law.
David Hittle was a Member of the Liberty Counsel Student Organization at Liberty University School of Law.
David Hittle was a Member of the Criminal Law Society at Liberty University School of Law.
David Hittle is a Graduate of the University of Louisville, with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science with a minor in Justice Administration
David Hittle made the Dean's List in Spring of 2013 at the University of Louisville
David Hittle made the Dean's List in Fall of 2012 at the University of Louisville.
David Hittle has been inducted into the National Honor Society for Political Sciences (Pi Sigma Alpha).
David Hittle has also been honored by Sigma Alpha Lambda the National Leadership and Honors Organization.
David Hittle graduated from Jefferson Community College with an Associates Degree with an emphasis on Political Sciences.
David Hittle volunteered for six years for the Valley High School Alumni Association. During that time he was a Member, a Director, the President, the Secretary, the Webmaster, and the Parliamentarian.
David Hittle is a Conservative/Constitutionalist who believes that the Republican party needs to be run by "the people;" who are Conservative and who will support and defend the Constitution.
David Hittle worked for the Mike Huckabee for President Campaign from November 12, 2007 through March 4, 2008.
David Hittle worked for the Doug Hawkins for Kentucky State Senate in 2008.
David Hittle worked for the Anne Northup for Congress Campaign as well as the Doug Hawkins for Senate Campaign in 2008.
David Hittle has been a member of the National Rifle Association Since June 30, 2008

David Hittle's Political and/or Moral Views:

Updated on 12/27/2012
I believe that Abortion is the worst crime that our government condones. The taking of a life is murder in almost every country, including ours unless that life hasn't been born yet. I'm Pro-Life, however I do know that there are cases in which abortions become absolutely necessary. I'm 100% against abortions taking place at an "Abortion Clinics" I believe that the knowingly taking of a human life is wrong. Some Republicans have exceptions for Rape and Incest, I believe that Murder is worse than Rape and Incest, so I find myself to to be 100% Pro-Life.
Updated on 6/23/2011
There are millions of children looking for homes all around this country and all around the world everyday. Many of these places are over-crowed and in some instances violent. I believe that Adoption should start in the United States, before looking for foreign children from countries like China. I however don't think the government should be involved in this decision and I believe that it should be a personal choice. I believe finally, that only Traditional Families, 1-Man and 1-Woman should adopt children. To allow non-traditional families to adopt children does nothing but confuse children and is something that children shouldn't have to be put through.
Affirmative Action
Updated on 6/23/2011
What this country did to African Americans in the years of slavery was wrong, and this country had to pay its price for that mistake. Over the years since slavery, the United States has become a freer nation because of its acceptance of the price that had to have been paid. Affirmative Action was meant; and was created to stop discrimination in employment. However, it has done the opposite, affirmative action has caused discrimination not against African Americans but of white Americans who want the same job, or the same college opportunity. I do not believe that Affirmative Action is needed any longer. I believe it is an outdated act that needs to be done away with so that there is fair employment like there always should have been. 
Updated on 6/23/2011
The Bailouts passed by President Bush, during his administration were worthless and ruined his Presidency. I believe that the government is way too involved in the economy, and have expanded their power with these bailouts. The Government forced Banks to take bailout funds whether they needed them or not. [Fox News] I believe that these bailouts did nothing but prolong an existing problem, and that is bad banks, doing bad business and getting away with it. But it wasn't all the banks fault, the federal government has in many instances forced the banks to give bad loans to people who they knew couldn't afford them; this includes the group ACORN. [Fox News] This nation is a Capitalist economic system, and has been run that way since the beginning of this nation. Without it our Republic fails, and with it our Republic will flourish as it is supposed to.
Updated on 6/23/2011
I once believed that the Federal Government should be required to balance the budge, exactly like the individual states have to do. However after listening to Mark Levin, I now understand that, that would be a dangerous and very costly endeavor to accomplish. The reason I say this is due to what Mr. Levin said, "...imagine the taxes every citizen would pay if the federal government was required to balance their budget's every year..." He however did give another option... Instead of a balance/budget amendment; we instead should have an amendment that restricts the amount of debt the federal government can have compared to the overall GDP. The Constitution should require that the federal government never go above 50% of the GDP.
Updated on 6/23/2011
The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." This Amendment has been slaughtered over the years and Libertarians and Conservatives alike find these actions disturbing. Laws have been passed that have prohibited the free exercise of religion. American citizens have been arrested and imprisoned for speaking the word of Jesus Christ. Laws have been passed that have denied American citizens their right to speak against issues. Such issues as Gay Marriage and Homosexual behavior have been denied and are considered "Hate Speech" in some states. The right to peacefully assemble is also under attack. With Tea-Parties sprouting up all over the country, state government have attempted to shut them down by stating that they cannot provide for security so they cannot be done. Many States and Cities require the purchase of a permit from the City or State before a group can hold a protest either against the government or in the support or rejection of an issue. The Latest round of First Amendment violations have come from citizens being harassed and in some cases arrested for photographing buildings, or videotaping police during arrests. All of which is completely wrong and the police should know better.
Updated on 6/23/2011
I believe the Constitution is the best document ever written, a document that was not meant to last more than a few years has lasted over 200. I believe that our founding fathers founded this country in a way that would respect all religions, would respect all men, and would keep us the freest nation on Earth. At some points in it all, tradition must be amended and this is why I support Constitutional Amendments. When it takes a two-thirds vote in the House, a two-thirds vote in the Senate, and two-thirds of the states to ratify a Constitutional Amendment, I feel we have superior and more sturdy safeguards than any other country out there. However there is one thing that I find disturbing about the Constitution. The fact that treaties are treated as equals, up against our supreme Law. If the U.N. tomorrow passed a "Firearms Ban," the President approved of it, and the Senate ratified it, it would trump our Second Amendment. This is dangerous, as dangerous as using international law in our U.S. Court Systems.

Here are some Amendments I support:
The National Right to Life Amendment (The Declaration of Independence we have unalienable rights which include "LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, this should indicate that we must protect life, as we cannot prosper without life. For this see my above thoughts on ABORTION.)

The Balance the Budget Amendment (Require Congress to keep the debt below a certain percentage of the GDP) For this see my above thoughts on BUDGETS.

The Congressional Term Limit Amendment (Restrict Congressional Members to limited terms),

An Amendment to the First Amendment to the Constitution. (Change from the original to No Law shall be passed respecting an establishment of religion... back to the original) This would prevent States and the Federal Government from restricting religious practices, the free exercise thereof, the freedom of speech, press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government.
Updated on 6/23/2011
Prisons are overfilled, a recent Supreme Court decision releases thousands of prisoners in California. State governments are more and more allowing private corporations to take over their duties. One duty of the federal and state governments is to protect its citizens. The State Governments and Federal Governments need to build more jails and prisons. Secondly the laws on certain things need to be greatly reduced. To place someone in prison or jail for 6 months for possessing less than one gram of marijuana is wrong. Harder drugs I can understand but for marijuana it is wrong. Criminal penalties need to increase in other areas. Such as Rape, this should be punishable in all states by a minimum 25 years in prison. Statutory Rape should be based upon the age of the partners. I don't feel that someone who is 16 and has sex with a 14 year old should have a long life behind prison, and a ruined life by being placed on a Sex Registry. However an individual who is 40 years old who has sex with a 14 year old should spend the rest of his life in jail; the reason, a 16 year old may not know any better, while a 40 year old absolutely should. I further feel that a person who has sex with someone under the age of 10 should have a minimum life behind bars no matter the age.
Death Penalty
Updated on 6/23/2011
I believe that the bible is clear in this area. "Someone who kills someone shall surely be killed." (Exodus 21:12) The Death Penalty is an important criminal punishment, which makes it impossible that the individual will ever be able to commit the convicted crime ever again. The Supreme Court has said that the Death Penalty can only be used in cases of murder. I feel that it should also be able to be used for Brutal Rapes, or Brutal Statutory Rapes. Someone who is 40 years old or in that age range who has sex with children deserves to lose their lives, so that they shall never ever be able to commit said crime about any other child, or any one else.
Electoral College System
Updated on 1/21/2013
I believe that the electoral college as presented in the Constitution is the way out system should be run. I believe we need to go back to the electoral system presented by the Constitution, including going back to the State Legislature choosing U.S. Senators. This would insure that laws such as ObamaCare wouldn't pass, as the State Legislatures would not be able to afford it. I believe this would improve our system, and that is what we need.
Updated on 1/21/2013
This nation has long been at the mercy of middle-eastern nations that don't like the United States or our way of life, all they like is our money, and how much they can get our of us. We have seen what occurs when gas prices hit $4.00 a gallon, but it should never get that high. We should not be dependent upon the price set by a middle-eastern nation for how much we have to pay for our gasoline. The first thing that we must do is allow for more oil and natural gas exploration and discovery, and allow the American Oil Companies to develop that oil and use it for the United States before we export any surplus to foreign nations. Currently our government doesn't allow oil and natural gas companies to dig, explore or drill for oil around the country, off the shores, or in ANWAR. The second thing we need to do, is build more Nuclear Reactors.
Solar power is not the answer, currently it costs too much and it takes too many to produce enough power to count.
Wind Power is not the answer it cannot store power, and it can only go a certain speed, and produces too little energy to count.
Nuclear Power is the answer, and they must be built if we want to succeed in our mission of Energy Independence. There are even safer Nuclear Reactors than there were when they were first created. There are currently 104 Nuclear Reactors in the United States they contribute to only 19.7% of the power of this country. The last Nuclear Power Planet was built in 1989, 20 years ago. We must start the construction of a new Nuclear Power Planet in this country as soon as possible.
Finally, the regulations on the coal and oil power plants, is wrong. All over the country, coal power plants are being shut down, or converted to natural gas plants at a cost of billions to the companies, which will be passed down to the consumer. We must not allow the government to regulate a company into bankruptcy.
Updated on 1/21/2013
I believe our environment is important but it is not important enough to destroy our nation's infrastructure, economy, or way of life. I believe that we need to build more power plants that will better sustain our country, and our environment such as Nuclear Power.
Freedoms & Rights
Updated on 6/23/2011
We must protect our freedoms at all costs. Abraham Lincoln on April 4, 1861 said: "The country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it." We must be very aware of our freedoms, we should know our Constitution, we should know our rights with respect to that Constitution.
We have the right to freedom of speech,
We have the right to freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof,
We have the right to freedom of the press,
We have the right to peaceably assemble,
We have the right to petition the Government,
We have the right to keep and bear arms,
We have the right to not have soldiers quartered in our homes,
We have the right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects,
We have the right to plead the fifth,
We have the right to a speedy trial,
We have the right to a public trial by an impartial jury of our peers,
We have the right to not be a witness against ourselves,
We have the right to an attorney,
We have the right to a civil trial,
We have the right against excessive bail or fines,
We have the right against cruel and unusual punishment,
We have the right to vote, and elect our representatives,
We have the right from slavery or involuntary servitude,
We all must know our rights, and our freedoms.
Gay Marriage
Updated on 1/21/2013
Gay Marriage is about tradition and not about human rights. Human Rights are rights that are given to people based upon things about them that they cannot control, such as a disability, the color of their skin, their sex, their age, etc. Homosexuals do not have any of those, they are gay because they want to be and not because they were born gay. Gay Marriage is just one more destruction of traditions in this country. However here is where I fall on this issue, it should be decided by each individual state, and no other state has to recognize the marriage from a different state. So I feel that if Mass. wants to have Gay Marriage than they can do so, however Mass. cannot force any other state to recognize a marriage from that state. I however do not believe that gay marriage is necessary, our country has come around to not be discriminatory. A gay partner would not be restricted from a patients hospital room. There are also legal issues, such as a Will, or a Medical Proxy. These documents which are needed by anyone, gay or straight, would allow gay partners the same rights when it comes to inheritances or medical questions. The major issue I believe is social security and insurance. Social security is a federal government issue, I don't believe the federal government should be involved in Marriage at all, so I believe Social Security is flawed when it has impeded into the issue of marriage. I do however, like the state governments, believe the federal government should make rules to regulate how it will deal with those issues, or allow it to be decided based upon what the majority of the states do. i.e. if a majority of the states allow gay marriage, then the federal government allows social security for gay partners, if a majority of the states do not allow gay marriage, then the federal government does not allow social security for gay partners.
Updated on 1/21/2013
Government is out of control and we all know it. U.S. Citizens were never supposed to be have to beg their representatives to do things. However, at least a majority of the population now believe it is the government's job to take care of the people. Many Democrats now believe this as well, and why shouldn't they, they're winning election because of it. The issue we have, is that the minority cannot pay for the majority forever. When the economy collapses, or when the hard decisions have to be made to eliminate programs; we will start to see the negative impacts of what taking away, what the majority feels is their right. Right now the government will provide you a house, provide you a phone, provide you with transportation, provide you with food, provide you with birth control, provide you with an abortion, etc. We must get back to the days where the government feared losing their jobs. If we don't get back to the people being in charge of the government, then we will eventually have to deal with the chaos that comes with the people taking back control. We vote and elect Representatives to go to Washington to defend our rights, and to obey the Constitution. Those Representatives are supposed to "Represent" that's the keyword, they're supposed to Represent us, not their own interests.  We pay their pay-checks they do not pay ours, we elect them, they do not elect us, they are temporarily in charge of the Government, we're permanently in charge of it. They do not have the right under the Constitution of the United States to tax a specific group of people. They do not have the right to tell you how to raise your children. They do not have the right to run your life, or to tell you where and when you can live. You have the right to petition your government for grievances.
Gun Control
Updated on 1/21/2013
Facts are facts, gun control isn't effective in lowering homicide rates. In fact when gun control is implemented homicide rates increase and in some cases sky-rockets. The only gun control that our government should establish is the following:
People who are felons shall not have the right own a firearm of any type.
People who have mental disorders in which they are unable to make rational decisions shall not have the right to own a firearm.
People who have major drug offenses, such as drug dealing, sales, or trafficking or possession of a major drug, shall not have the right to own firearms.
In almost all cases, people who own guns legally have never committed crimes with their guns and should have the right to defend themselves, their families, or those who need emergency assistance in any means necessary.
Gun Rights
Updated on 6/23/2011
The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States states: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free States, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This right has been upheld by the Supreme Court for over 200 years. The Supreme Court has heard cases on Handguns, Shotguns, all types of different weapons, and they have always come down on the side of the Second Amendment. In states where there are heavy gun restrictions homicide rates have increased. According to the facts, people are safer in Right-To-Carry states. We must protect all of our rights and never give in to changes to our Constitution unless those changes are for the betterment of the country.
Health Care
Updated on 6/23/2011
Barrack Obama wants to nationalize most businesses in this country including the Health care industry. Obama has a willingness to give health insurance to every American even though the country cannot afford it. I believe that there should be more competition in health care, so my first solution is to open health insurance up like Auto Insurance was opened. Allow citizens to get health insurance outside of their state. This would lower the cost of health insurance immediately. I further believe that the government needs to get out of attempting to control health care. I don't want the government that cannot keep its own budget to run or attempt to run the health care sector. I believe that Health Care is a valuable luxury, but it is not a right, and should not be seen as one.
In Europe where they have National Health Care, a committee determines whether each patient is worthy of health care or whether they should be released. This is not what we want in the United States, if we want health care than we should get health care, and in America this is where that occurs.
Health care reform is needed but if we're going to do health care reform, lets reform, not overhaul. With H.R. 3200 the health care system is completely overhauled. Reform needs to to adopt the following things:
1. Inter-State Competition - Allow Americans to get health care in any state.
2. Medical Liability Reform - Limit the reward a complainant can receive. The average American makes about $3 million in their lifetime; there is no reason for an elderly person to receive more than $3 million in a settlement or judgment because there is no way that, that person would ever make that much.
3. Tort Reform - Limit the amount of money an attorney can receieve from a medical judgment. More over if the complainant loses the case, the complainant should have to pay the court costs and attorneys fees of both sides; that should cut down the number of frivolous lawsuits.(Conservative View)
Updated on 6/23/2011
This country is a nation of immigrants, but it is a nation of legal immigrants. Our ancestors when they first came to this country, arrived by steam-ship and arrived directly to Ellis Island, where their backgrounds were checked so we knew who they were, their names were recorded so that we had them on file as citizens, and their health was checked, so that we knew that they had no infectious diseases. In today's America Illegal Immigrants flood across our borders, their names are not recorded, their backgrounds not checked, and their health is not checked. The come across the border violating our laws, and stay in this country with no one knowing who they are. I suggest that we set up a system by which these people do not have to come into this country illegal, but a system by which they can come legally. With that system, their backgrounds can be checked, their health can be checked and their names recorded so that we know who they are, and where they're going. However until we allow more of them to come here legally they will violate our laws, and continue to violate them. (Conservative View)  
Limited Government
Updated on 6/23/2011
I believe in limited government, under the Bush administration and now under the Obama administration the government is expanding, and just getting bigger. Under the Bush administration spending hit all time highs, and under Obama it has hit even higher highs.
The Louisiana Purchase cost the United States: $15 Million or $217 Billion today.
The Marshall Plan cost the United States: 12.7 Billion or $115.3 Billion today.
The Race to the Moon cost the United States: 36.4 Billion or $237 Billion today.
The Korean War cost the United States: $54 Billion or $454 Billion today.
The New Deal cost the United States: $32 Billion(est) or $500 Billion today.
The War in Iraq cost the United States: $551 Billion or $597 Billion today.
We used to talk about Millions, than we started talking about Billions, now under Obama it is Trillions.
This is why I believe we need a Constitutional Amendment to force the Congress to balance the budget every year or every four years during War Time. I believe this would force our congress to think before they spend, and they would have to balance that budget before they left office for the year. (Conservative/Libertarian View)
Military Spending
Updated on 6/23/2011
I believe if our government is going to spend money it should at the least be for our military. Without security there is no peace, and without the military our country would not exist. Military spending for the anti-war folks doesn't just include Defense Spending, it includes covering our veterans who risked their lives to protect ours. According to PBS 40% of homeless men are veterans and I think that is wrong in every instance. I do not believe that our veterans should have to deal with that. If any one deserves welfare it is these men and women who fought and in some instance died for our rights and for our freedoms. I think we need to spend some of our Military Spending, on providing for our needy veterans for their life time. Most veterans from current wars and such will be fine and they'll come back and get rehired at jobs. But for those who do not we should at least take care of them.
I believe our nation is threatened by rouge countries like Iran and North Korea. We should never surrender our security to appease anyone and by that I mean Russia. Russia didn't like that the United States was placing Missile Defense Shields so close to their border. However, they knew as well as we knew that if they wanted to do something they could have done something. The United States was even willing to share information with Russia and allow them to give their opinions. However for the boneheaded Russians that was not enough. Under President Obama the budget for this crucial program will be cut by billions of dollars.
New Technology, other nations are building their military forces up to protect their citizens while the United States is reducing and cutting new military programs. We must be the most superior, and it is irresponsible for any American President to reduce our defenses. (Conservative View)
Updated on 6/23/2011
My tax policy would be very clear, and it is very clear - The Fair Tax. From the Fair Tax website:
- The FairTax rate of 23 percent on a total taxable consumption base of $11.244 trillion will generate $2.586 trillion dollars $358 billion more than the taxes it replaces.
- The FairTax has the broadest base and the lowest rate of any single-rate tax reform plan.
- Real wages are 10.3 percent, 9.5 percent, and 9.2 percent higher in years 1, 10, and 25, respectively than would otherwise be the case.
 - Disposable personal income is higher than if the current tax system remains in place:  1.7 percent in year 1, 8.7 percent in year 5, and 11.8 percent in year 10.
 - The economy as measured by GDP is 2.4 percent higher in the first year and 11.3 percent higher by the 10th year than it would otherwise be.
 - Consumption increases by 2.4 percent more in the first year, which grows to 11.7 percent more by the tenth year than it would be if the current system were to remain in place.
 - The increase in consumption is fueled by the 1.7 percent increase in disposable (after-tax) personal income that accompanies the rise in incomes from capital and labor once the FairTax is enacted.
 - By the 10th year, consumption increases by 11.7 percent over what it would be if the current tax system remained in place, and disposable income is up by 11.8 percent.
 - Over time, the FairTax benefits all income groups.  Of 42 household types (classified by income, marital status, age), all have lower average remaining lifetime tax rates under the FairTax than they would experience under the current tax system.
 - Implementing the FairTax at a 23 percent rate gives the poorest members of the generation born in 1990 a 13.5 percent improvement in economic well-being; their middle class and rich contemporaries experience a 5 percent and 2 percent improvement, respectively.
 - Based on standard measures of tax burden, the FairTax is more progressive than the individual income tax, payroll tax, and the corporate income tax.
 - Charitable giving increases by $2.1 billion (about 1 percent) in the first year over what it would be if the current system remained in place, by 2.4 percent in year 10, and by 5 percent in year 20.
 - On average, states could cut their sales tax rates by more than half, or 3.2 percentage points from 5.4 to 2.2 percent, if they conformed their state sales tax bases to the FairTax base.
 - The FairTax provides the equivalent of a supercharged mortgage interest deduction, reducing the true cost of buying a home by 19 percent. (Libertarian View)
Updated on 6/23/2011
Welfare is the worst thing that has ever occurred in the United States, just shy of Abortion. Welfare officially eliminated fathers from the family. Once welfare was passed a mother no longer needed a father to survive. Citizens who are on welfare should be forced to find a job, and then be removed from the welfare rolls. The system is broken and it needs to be eliminated, get a job and stop taking advantage of the tax-payer. Welfare has done nothing for poverty but make it worse, I say eliminate it as soon as possible. (Libertarian View)

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