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Advertise on the show

The David Hittle Show, has many things that must be paid for in order to keep the show running successfully.

We offer audio commercials during the radio program, we also offer host spoken advertising, as well we advertising on this website.

As of Week 211: December 15, 2012
The David Hittle Show has received over 80,000 Listens!!!

Every show is 2 hours long minus introductory audio and audio commercials.

Audio commercials during the program have a set price amount and that is demonstrated below:

Less than 15 seconds long
$2.50/weekly*, $8.00/monthly**
16 seconds to 30 seconds long
$5.00/weekly*, $15.00/monthly**
31 seconds to 45 seconds long
$7.50/weekly*, $25.00/monthly**
46 seconds to 60 seconds long
$10.00/weekly*, $35.00/monthly**
61 seconds to 75 seconds long
$12.50/weekly*, $45.00/monthly**
76 seconds to 90 seconds long
$15.00/weekly*, $55.00/monthly**
91 seconds to 105 seconds long
$17.50/weekly*, $65.00/monthly**
106 seconds to 120 seconds long
$20.00/weekly*, $75.00/monthly**
*One week shall be understood as one program, your audio commercial will be played or aired on one radio program.
**One month shall be understood as four programs, your audio commercial will be played or aired on four radio programs.

Host endorsed advertising will cost an additional $5.00 added to either the weekly or the monthly portion.

Some advertisers wish for the host of the program to endorse their advertisement during the radio program.

If you wish for the host to endorse your program during the show, the host asks for the advertiser to send in what they want the host to say or, ideas for the host to issue during the show.

Some advertisers wish to place an ad on our website, for those advertisers the prices are as below:

Single banner on a single page
$5.00/monthly*, $50.00/yearly**
Double banner on a single page
$10.00/monthly*, $100.00/yearly**
Single Banner on two pages
$15.00/monthly*, $150.00/yearly**
Double Banner on two pages
$20.00/monthly*, $200.00/yearly**
*One month shall be understood as 30 days, or one calendar month.
**One year shall be understood as 365 days, or one calendar year.

The host recommends that you create your own flashy advertisements, please check for spelling errors before sending.

If you think you're ready to advertise with The David Hittle Show please use the form below.

All prices are subject to change with notice to all current advertisers.

*Type of advertising
Basic Audio Commercial
Host Endorsed Audio Commercial
Single Banner/Single Page
Double Banner/Single Page
Single Banner/Two Pages
Double Banner/Two Pages