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Another Career Politician

Another career politician…

By: David A.W. Hittle

April 29, 2010

Charlie Christ (R-FL) and current governor; is running for U.S. Senate from Florida… He told Fox News five times that he would run as a Republican… However just like “Benedict Arlen Specter” Charlie looked at the polls, and saw no way for him to win as a Republican. He didn’t switch because his opinions changed, he didn’t switch because he wanted to run as a Conservative, he switched for one reason and one reason only, to get elected…

Marco Rubio his opponent is running as a Republican in the race he is seen to be the Conservative in the race. In the latest poll by Rasmussen before Charlie’s switch over, Rubio led his Republican opponent 57% to 28%, however being a politician Charlie couldn’t stand for that, and decided to not run against Rubio by side-stepping and switching parties. In the latest poll with Charlie as an Independent Rubio still wins 37% (Rubio) to 30% (Christ) to 22% (Meek).

These types of people really make me angry; politicians that just want to win, and don’t care what they have to do to win… If you’re getting beat by another candidate especially in your own party obviously you’re not liked that much… But to switch just to win, just like Arlen Specter is outrageous!!!

People like that do not deserve to get elected to represent us; they don’t deserve to be our Representatives due to the fact that they are already corrupt. If all he wants to do is win, can we be certain that he will really represent the people of Florida, and not himself?

I personally don’t know any of these candidates, but Charlie Christ has lost my respect and I don’t think I’m alone in that opinion…