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Can't Trust No One!

Can't Trust No One!

So those individuals who we "hire" to represent us, have thrown the baby out with the bath water... This week Congress under the leadership of the "compromise leader" Paul Ryan; came up with a new budget. Now, budgets can be extremely boring... its a bunch of numbers, its a bunch of haggling, and usually a bunch of crap...

This new budget is a "half-a-trillion" spend-a-thon, for those who love seeing large numbers here is what half-a-trillion dollars looks like ($500,000,000,000). Now if all we were spending was half-a-trillion dollars we would be in good shape. But I have a feeling that this half-a-trillion is just part of a $2.5 Trillion budget.

Every year this President has spent a little more or a little less than $3 Trillion dollars. This has taken our national debt from $8 Trillion to very close to $19 Trillion. This is one of the reasons I complain, that our Government should not be taking over corporations, such as the Auto Industry, and the Health Insurance Industry. But this nothing compared to what will happen if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are elected President.

But, I digress, this half-a-trillion dollar spending binge, provides at least $1.6 billion dollars to resettle illegal immigrants inside the United States. This is why Senator Jeff Sessions, explains correctly that, "this is why the voters are in rebellion." Not only does it provide for illegal immigrants, it also provides for President Obama's climate deal. It also makes it much harder to repeal Obama-care... WHICH NEEDS TO GO!!!

We must get a new President in 2016, and we will. But we need someone who will get our spending issues under control.

Hillary Clinton has stated that she wants to spend $3 Trillion a year, if this is not matched by tax increases, this will add $3 Trillion to the national debt. Over 4 years, this will increase our national debt from $18 Trillion to $30 Trillion over 4 years, and $42 Trillion over 8 years.

Bernie Sanders has stated that he wants to spend $18 Trillion. If this was not matched by tax increases, which it may be for the first year or so, because he has also stated that a 90% top tax rate would be fine as well, would increase our national debt from $18 Trillion to $90 Trillion over 4 years. Over 8 years, this would make our national debt $162 Billion. This would be completely unsustainable. 

Now I know I have friends out there, that would love to see Hillary Clinton for President, some because it would be the first woman president. Some because they think they would like to see another Democrat in office. Some other friends, those that I would call idiots to their face, would support Bernie Sanders for President. 

I myself would tell everyone friend, or foe, that putting another Democrat in office as President, would be completely idiotic. Not because Democrats are stupid, but because Democrats like to spend money, to make people love them. Our current President, has taken over the Health Care Industry, to make people like him. He has taken over the Student Loan industry, and has teased that he may "forgive" some student loans. When the government took over the Student Loan program, they took over $1 Trillion of debt. 

I pray that our next President, will understand economics, and will know how to get our debt down, while at the same time keeping our country secured, on top to making sure that we have a great country that will be here for our children and our grand children. I'm not sure who that next president should be, or is going to be. But I hope to find them, and give them any help I can.

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David A.W. Hittle

Sources: http://www.usdebtclock.org/