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The average American makes $43,000, America’s Poverty Line is $9,979

While there is a substantial difference between $43,000 and $9,979 - $33,021 the difference is not that extravagant.

In June more people joined the Disability rolls than were actually employed according to the Government own numbers.

According to SSA.gov the average disability insurance payment was $1,111.17 per month. Which equals $13,334.04 which is $3,355.04 above the poverty line.

According to the BLS the unemployment rate among African Americans in June rose to 14.4% from 13.6% in May. Hispanic unemployment stayed the same at 11%. The Government’s U3 finds that Unemployment stayed the same at 8.2%. While, White unemployment is at 7.4%.


According to Daily Finance in May of 2011 an article was published for the best states for unemployment benefits. These states were: Washington: $384 a week, Montana: $272 a week, Utah: $316 a week, Wyoming: $337 a week, New Mexico: $316 a week, North Dakota: $310 a week, Kansas: $326 a week, Iowa: $321 a week, Rhode Island: $380 a week, Hawaii: $416 a week.

Looking at Montana, $272 a week is about $1,088 a month very similar to the Disability payment. $272 a week using it for all 99 weeks would fetch the individual $26,928, $16,949 above the poverty line.

Looking at Hawaii, $416 a week is about $1,664 a month $552.83 above the Disability Payment. Using Hawaii’s unemployment for 99 weeks would fetch the individual $41,184, $31,205 above the poverty line.

I believe that when a person has the ability to make what the average American makes a year by not working and joining the unemployment lines for 99 weeks its not a good sign for America.

What is even more amazing though is that “someone at the U.S. poverty line is better off than 85% of the rest of the world” (Glenn Beck, An Inconvenient Book).

“Helping in that better off-ness is that 97% of a poor person’s household has a Color TV (25% of them are big screens), 78% of them have a DVD or VCR, 76% of them have Air Conditioning, 73% of them have a Microwave, 73% of them own a car and 30% of them have 2 of more cars, 65% have a clothes washer, 63% have cable or satellite TV, 59% have a stereo, 56% have a clothes dryer, and 55% have 2 or more tv’s. Another thing is that America’s poor live in homes 30% larger than that of the average Frenchmen.” (Glenn Beck, An Inconvenient Book).

The even more shocking statistic came out a few months ago… That statistic showed that 49.5% of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes. Another shocking statistic came in 2010 when it was reported that 70.5% of Federal Spending went to Dependence Programs (Heritage Foundation) http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2012/02/2012-index-of-dependence-on-government

I’m not the only one who has been shocked by this; one of my hero’s Rush Limbaugh did a huge monologue on these happenings. He brought up the fact that people who don’t work are still eating. He sees that there is little pain in not working anymore like their used to be. The stigma that used to be behind being out of work is no longer there. And looking at the average unemployment and disability averages no wonder they’re feeling no pain, they’re making in some cases more than the average American.

I don’t know whether America has officially failed or not… But it is shocking to me that it keeps going. The President and his fellow Democrats are rallying the increase in the length of unemployment, rallying the increase in food stamps and other welfare programs. Passing new welfare programs like Obamacare which is not estimated to cost the United States $1.76 Trillion over 10 years according to the CBO. http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/1175831

I believe we’ve got to make immediate changes, for one the United States cannot afford it. For two, it is not helping the American people. Government dependence doesn’t help it only hurts and it must be leveled out. Someone who doesn’t work, should not make four times the poverty line in some cases. It must end, and if it doesn’t end, I believe we’ll be turning in to France and Greece much quicker than we ever realized.