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Hope and Change

Hope and Change

By: David A.W. Hittle

How is that hope and change working out for everyone? If you are like me you are still progressing through the day, but just with less money in your pocket. The economy is continuing to plummet. Unemployment is skyrocketing, and people are losing jobs at a 26-year-high. The Obama administration says: “The stimulus plan is working better than we thought it would.” What has worked about it Mr. President? What has worked out of the stimulus package? To date only about 10% of the stimulus has even been spent, and it is working better than we thought? The stimulus package has done nothing, o wait I can’t say it has done nothing it has done this:

(Wikipedia)The Stimulus Package was passed on February 2009:

(Sun Financial Diary) The unemployment rate in February 2009 was 8.1%

(Treasury Department) The National Debt was $10.6 Trillion in February 2009

(Google) The current unemployment rate is 9.7% however Fed Officials say it is 16.8%

(Debt Clock) The current National Debt is $11.8 Trillion ($38,433 per citizen)
So we see that the Stimulus package has done something after all, it has raised our unemployment from 8.1% to 9.7% and the Obama administration says that “IT WILL” hit 10%. The Obama administration has also said that this economic recovery may be a “jobless” one!!!

WHAT THE HELL GOOD DOES THAT DO??? What good is a jobless economy, if the government is making money but the people aren’t what good of the economy recovering? There is a problem with the logic here ladies and gentlemen. The problem is there is no such thing as a jobless economic recovery. According to Bloomberg: 70% of the U.S. economy is consumer spending; what occurs to the U.S. economy when we have a “jobless” economy? There is no recovery ladies and gentlemen if the people have no jobs. As I said earlier federal officials have stated that the real unemployment rate is 16.8%. However this unemployment rate really doesn’t matter; to see a true unemployment rate let’s look at State unemployment rates. 

(Labor Department – as of July 2009) Michigan currently has the highest unemployment rate at: 15%. North Dakota has the lowest at 4.2%. In the states is where it matters; in the states is where the people are struggling. What is your government doing while the unemployment rate is between 4.2% and 15%? They are trying to force down your throat higher taxes in a HealthCare bill, and a Climate Change Bill. They want to spend up to $2 trillion on this HealthCare bill which will be added to our debt and increase it over $13 Trillion. The Climate Change Bill will increase taxes on your homes, as well as businesses. It will also raise the cost of Gasoline at a time where the American people need all the money they earn. 

Now why would our government do this, why would our government raise our taxes, or why would they raise the cost of energy and gasoline at a time when the country is hurting?

I believe there is only one reason, for it; the Obama administration wants the ability to Socialize this government. Now I will lose a lot of readers after posting that, but what other reason could there be? The American people are hurting terribly, they are putting their wallets away, and not buying that toy their child wants, or not going out to eat with their family because they are uncertain of whether they’ll have a job in the coming weeks. 

I believe ladies and gentlemen that this government, with its “Czars” and its “special advisors,” are attempting to turn this country backwards, and they are being successful, except they forgot about the one thing that might stand in the way… What is this road-block they have encountered? It is you; you have stopped a HealthCare bill that you know is bad, no matter how many times they attempt to tell you’re wrong. You know you’re not wrong, because you have read the bill, something that your government doesn’t do very often. 

Ladies and gentlemen I will let you decide whether you think the country is on the road to socialism or not, it is just my opinion; what is yours; comment this blog and tell me what you think is going on in this wonderful country of ours, because it is changing dangerously every day, and it must be stopped!