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In Response to "Horses and Bayonets"

In Response to “Horses and Bayonets”

            The number one issue on the minds of Americans today is the economy. While, President Obama came into office with a bad economy the policies of the president have made the economic situation worse. The United States under Obama suffered through 43-straight-months of unemployment above 8%. The unemployment rate for youth is almost double the rate of the national unemployment. Because of the worsening economic conditions more young people have had to move in with their parents; a fact that none of us want to have to suffer through.

            Taxes are a huge part of the economy, while a lot of Americans would love to see taxes increase for those in the “1percrent,” the fact is that if Congress does nothing, on January 1, 2013 the tax rates for everyone will go up including you and I. This is because the “Bush Era Tax Cuts,” which are our current tax code, in the bottom tax bracket of 10 percent will jump to 15 percent and those in the higher tax brackets will increase as well. All of these taxes are not to mention the taxes that are contained in the “Affordable Healthcare Act,” or “ObamaCare,” the taxes contained in that will also effect the students of U-of-L.

            Under “ObamaCare” if you or I don’t purchase a “qualified health insurance plan,” then we will have to pay an additional tax. It starts out low at about 1percent of adjusted gross income; however, by 2014 to 2016 it increases to a high enough penalty, that it forces a person on to a healthcare plan. By this time if health insurance continues to increase, it will cost thousands of dollars in additional taxes, which I know none of us have the money for.

            Another problem that impacts students here at U-of-L is the rising cost of tuition. While tuition rates are based highly on state funding, but the state funding is being cut because of the bad economy.”

David A.W. Hittle
Political Science
Published in the Opinion Section of The Louisville Cardinal on November 13, 2012