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In Response to 'Romneyverse'

Lee Cole is at it again, again he is complaining about what Republicans will do if they get control of government, and this time he wants to try to scare the student of UofL by telling them what Romney is going to, most of which is nothing but liberal-Obama talking points.

Lee Cole is already looking crazy with all his talk of quantum physics talk and stuff, and how if you don’t eat anything in the morning it could be your destiny to walk in front of a bus. Most Americans happen to believe that God is watching over all of us and that the lack of a muffin or a bagel could cause us to have a changed destiny.

None the less, we can figure that stuff out for ourselves. Lee Cole talks about “Romneyverse,” he like a lot of liberals are afraid of what Republicans will do if they’re in power because most of the time the goals of a Republican are completely different than Democrats.

Lee calls Romney a “ruthless Bain Capital investor” as though that is a bad thing. He believes it is a bad thing because all he hears is the Obama talking points about how Bain Capital murders people’s wives and fires people. While it is true that Bain Capital did take over businesses, they took them over to save them. Without the investment from Bain Capital the businesses would have failed sooner or failed all together. Some of these companies we have heard about, companies like: “Dunkin’ Doughnuts, The Weather Channel, Toys ‘R’ Us” (Helman, Boston Globe, 2012). Without Bain Capital and investment firms like Bain Capital those companies would have gone away. In all Bain Capital has tried to help over 140 companies (Helman, Boston Globe, 2012) two of the most widely known are Staples and Domino’s Pizza.

But Lee Cole doesn’t understand any of this, he doesn’t understand how the Free Market and Capitalism works, because he is a liberal, and being a liberal he support government intervention in every part of our lives.

Lee Cole and liberals like him got the biggest gift they could have ever asked for in ObamaCare. That law has more regulation, more requirements, and more taxes for everyone. See President Obama told people, not to worry about taxes going up on anyone who makes under $250,000. But that isn’t true; ObamaCare requires that all people purchase Health Insurance; if you don’t purchase it than you will be taxed.

I digress however, I want to respond to Lee Cole’s article first off he brings up the 47% video but he doesn’t understand or consider the context of his statements. For one, that video was recorded illegally, in Florida where the fundraiser was it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge which was done in this instance. Bringing the context into this is the fact that about 47% of the country won’t vote for Mitt Romney. However, there are 47%, of the country who don’t pay taxes. This isn’t necessarily their fault it is the way the tax code is written, and how depressed the economy has become under this president.  I believe that Mitt Romney will do more to get those 47% out of that situation. I believe most that are in the 47% don’t realize they are in it, or even want to be in it. Most people want to be successful, and with success gets them into the tax bracket that gets them out of the 47%.

Lee Cole goes on to basically call us white Republicans racist, by claiming that “Fox News has underscored the particular vitriol with which mostly white, older people… (Cole, Louisville Cardinal, 2012)” I believe this is one thing that the American people and I know for myself are particularly sick of. Any time someone poses a challenge to President Obama, they’re called racist. Opposing a candidate is not racism, but Lee Cole and liberal commentators play the race card, while President Obama plays the class warfare card. They do this for one reason, because they cannot run on President Obama’s record. There is nothing President Obama has done over the past four years that people want four more years of.

Lee Cole talks about how we “hate” Obama. No, we don’t hate Obama… We hate Obama’s policies, as do many Americans. The American people suffered with 43 straight months of unemployment over 8%. The American people many in that “47%” have been shoved onto Welfare or Food Stamps in record numbers. During all this, the President that said he’d help the students is a no-show, when was the last time you saw tuition go down? President Obama brags about how taking over the “Student Loan Industry” will save students thousands… When? When will it save us thousands??? I don’t have a student loan and if I did, I would be extremely unhappy that the government has taken that program over. When you are looking for a car loan, and you go to a bank and they say the interest rate will be 6%, but the bank right next door says it will be 5%, which bank will you go with? With the government taking the program over, you don’t get a choice, you get the interest rate the government gives you, like it or not.

Lee Cole talks about how people are calling Obama a socialist, but then states that we don’t even know what socialism is. Well let me define it for everyone and Lee Cole. According to Dictionary.com socialism is: 1. “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, or capital, land, etc. in the community as a whole. 2. Procedure or practice in accordance with this theory. 3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.”

To put this in even simpler context could you imagine an America where the local store is run by government agents? Could you imagine an America where all of the oil companies were owned by the government? Now some people want this type of life style, President Obama is one of them, he has illustrated this with the control he wields even when he doesn’t have the authority via executive orders.

Lee Cole speaks about how again we’re racist because we see “a threat in the form of people of color and the impoverished organizing and taking part in the system.” Lee, everyone is part of the system, the kid who sets a lemonade stand up on the sidewalk (which is illegal in most places) is a part of the system. It is the system of Capitalism, something that is becoming more and more disliked. Not one Republican is speaking about a total dissolution of welfare… However, we do, and I advocate for a country where people who can work, do work, and those who cannot work and have a reason for not being able to work are helped. This supports my approval of federal financial aid though ever since it has existed tuition has increased, but that’s for another day. I don’t believe that it is the federal government responsibility to provide welfare to the people. That is the state’s area of interest. However, because of this I will be accused of being mean and cruel; while I’m trying to be practical, the federal government cannot afford it, the state governments can’t afford it, and we must limit governmental assistance to only those who absolutely cannot work.

Lee Cole then of course has to take shots at the Mormon Church, he says they’re “inherently racist and xenophobic” and that Romney must be held accountable for his religion. However, there are more Mormon than just Mitt Romney. The biggest name is Harry Reid, one of President Obama’s biggest supporters, I suppose he is racist and xenophobic too because he is a Mormon.

Lee Cole then goes onto again call Republicans racist, let me remind Lee that it was the Republican party and President Lincoln that freed the slaves. It also shows how racist Republicans are when they votes for the “Civil Rights Act of 1964” by a a 80% to 20% margin, while the Democrats voted for it by a vote of 60% to 40%.

While I’m never going to change the mind of Lee Cole, I do hope to change the minds of some of the students at UofL. Republicans are not racist, they’re not homophobic, they’re not anti-Hispanic, they’re not anti-woman, they’re practical. Republicans believe that everyone deserves equal protection under the law. Republicans believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, as it has been for the past 2000 years. Republicans believe in the rule of law, and illegal immigrants who come to this country no matter how old they are, they’re here illegally. However, Republicans do believe that they can become legal in practical ways. Finally, Republicans are not anti-woman, Republicans are not against birth control, but we don’t believe that the tax-payer should have to pay for it for other people.

We have two options in the upcoming election, we can vote for President Obama in which we will move further away from America’s values, where we allow the government to control more and more of our lives, where our government sees 8% unemployment and college graduates moving back in with their parents as the new normal. Or we can vote for Governor Mitt Romney, and get back to the America we know and love, where work is appreciated and education is awarded with a job. Where parents don’t have to raise, their college graduated children, where unemployment is full and taxes are low.

We need a President who has run businesses, we need a President who has balanced budgets, we need a President that is successful and knows how to make America successful. There are many reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and many reasons to vote again Barack Obama. I hope that my fellow classmates will stand with me and vote for a Mitt Romney so that we can have real “hope and change.”


David A.W. Hittle

Senior, Political Science

University of Louisville

Published in the Opinion Section of the Louisville Cardinal on October 30, 2012