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It was not the Gun's Fault

It was not the guns fault!!!

By: David A.W. Hittle

January 10, 2010

First off I would like to give my condolences to the families, and friends of those affected by the tragedy in Arizona. It is a sad, sad day in America when a Representative cannot do their job due to the likes of a senseless killer. What occurred in Arizona was a tragedy, an absolute tragedy one that cannot be made up for. However the use of this tragedy by some in the media, and by some in the Democrat party is absolutely disgraceful!!

First I’ll start with the media… Paul Krugman a writer for the New York Times blamed the right for this tragic act; including Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. He blames Sarah Palin for the public rallies which inspired a nation. He blames Michele Bachmann for statements she made during her campaign event. However, Krugman goes even further by blaming an entire media outlet i.e. Fox News. He states that on MSNBC shows you won’t hear about “jokes of shootings…” However it was that network that allowed Chris Matthews to speak about the killing of Rush Limbaugh. He goes so far as to blame Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck for spewing death threats!!

I’ll now move over to the Democrat Party itself, who blames Sarah Palin for map she used on her website which showed cross-hairs on states where political candidates were in opposition. However, this is not the first time a map such as this has been used; Democrats have used maps such as this as well to point out who their opponents were… “Targeting” your opponents for political attack is not wrong; it is the basis for our country. However, blaming a tragedy like this on one specific person, or one specific party, or specific ideology is wrong, and shouldn’t be tolerated!!

Members of the current Democrat party want to limit the free speech rights of people running for office, namely “no more uses of targets or cross-hairs…” Though this has been going on for years, and even with no proof that the killer knew about these political things they still want to react before a reaction is warranted. A warranted reaction would come after there is proof of something along those lines for those Democrats out there who think I’m insane!!!

Democrats in Congress now move toward reacting… Congressman Brady wants to eliminate “cross-hairs” because they may spur someone to commit a tragic act like the one perpetrated on Congresswoman Giffords. If we as a society are going to attempt to eliminate all things that could spur someone with little to no mental capacity to violence then we better just surrender now... Anything can be offensive to someone else, I hope we don’t want to be like Europe where saying something that is offensive is a crime; I know the people with common sense do not want a European style “offense-meter.”

What has occurred is a tragedy, and it will go down in history as such, however we must put the blame squarely where it is. This tragedy didn’t happen because of Sarah Palin, or Michele Bachmann, not even because of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, this tragedy happened because a mentally unstable man got his hands on a gun and was able to get close enough to a Federal Congresswoman, a Federal Judge, and several other people with that gun.

It was not the guns fault, it was the shooters fault, blame the man who pulled the trigger and let’s focus on him… Let’s figure out how a mentally unstable man was able to get a gun, when it is illegal to sell a gun to someone who is mentally unstable… Let’s find out things before jumping to conclusions, and let’s not sacrifice one right to appeal to another…

Let us not take away our first amendment rights because it may offend someone… Let’s not take away our second amendment rights because someone may be killed… More often than not, your first and second amendment rights will be used for good rather than for evil!!

Let’s make common sense approaches to this, let’s make sure our Congress people as well as our judges are armed, especially when there are death threats against them. One of the reasons for the right to bear arms was for protection, who needs more protections than the people who represent us, and the people who defend our constitutional rights?

I say every law-abiding American citizen should own a gun, and should carry a gun. If not, for their own protection; for the protection of all those who need it when they need it. Because one never knows when a psycho-path will strike… In this world of almost 7 billion people there will also be some bad apples. The only protection one has is their rights, and one of those rights is to keep and bear arms. Let us protect that, because without that right there may be no other!!

Again, I would like my audience to keep the Congresswoman, as well as the families and friends of all those who were affected by the Arizona murders.

May God Bless those, who represent us!