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Do You Have the Right to Raise Your Child?

Do You Have the Right to Raise Your Child?

David A.W. Hittle


There is a family from Germany who fled to this country to escape from a government that was interfering with their right to raise their child… Now the Obama Administration wants to deport them back to Germany because they don’t agree with their position. I want to focus on this family in this article.

This case is not getting enough media attention; the case involves the Romeike family. They’re a devoutly Christian family who fled Germany in 2008 for political asylum in the United States. The family was granted political asylum in 2010, but the Obama Administration is making it extremely difficult for the family. They were granted asylum because in Germany it is illegal to home-school your children. The family faced hefty fines and even the possibility of having their children taken away. The U.S. Government overturned their asylum in 2012 and now the case is being appealed to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. “The U.S. government said the German homeschoolers were not being religiously persecuted by their government because they could not prove that all homeschoolers were religious or that all Christians believed in the need for homeschooling. The government also said there were no violation of anyone’s protected rights in a law that entirely bans homeschooling” (TownHall, 4/9/2013).

Does this seem right to you?

Do you have a right to raise your children as you see fit?

Do you have a right to home-school your children if that is what you feel is best for them?

Well According to the Supreme Court decision Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972) found that an Amish family could take their children out of schools after the eighth grade, because the community provided additional education, and that the State of Wisconsin could not prohibit them from taking them out of the schools. According to the Supreme Court decision Smith v. Organization of Foster Families (1977) said: “The liberty interest in family privacy has its source, and its contours are ordinarily to be sought, not in state law, but in intrinsic human rights, as they have been understood in ‘this Nation’s history and tradition.” According to the Supreme Court decision Washington v. Glucksburg (1997) said: “In a long line of cases, we have held that, in addition to the specific freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights, the ‘liberty’ specially protected by the Due Process Clause includes the rights… to direct the education and upbringing of one’s children.” They also said: “The Fourteenth Amendment ‘forbids the government to infringe … ‘fundamental’ liberty interests of all, no matter what process is provided, unless the infringement is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest” (Parental Rights, 2013).I think it is clear from the 1997 case that parents do have a right to raise their children. And this family, and every family in the United States of America, “the freest nation of earth” should have the unhindered right to raise their children as they see fit. Whether that be sending their child to school, or teaching their child at home, it should be the right of the parents all over the world.

I hope that this article gets you fired up… I hope this article makes you think about your children, or the children you will have in the future. I ask that you go to: http://www.hslda.org/legal/cases/romeike.asp and submit your name to the petition to the Obama administration, telling them to let these parents, who fled the restrictive government of Germany and came to America “the freest nation of earth.”

Thank you,

David A.W. Hittle