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The Horrific Shooting in CT

The Horrific Shooting in CT

By: David A.W. Hittle

December 14, 2012

It is a horrible situation to think about but it seems to be happening more and more often. We have gotten used to hearing about College and University campus shootings, the High School and Middle School shootings; but never an Elementary School. Today, the ‘line has been crossed’ today kindergarteners were murdered in a tragic massacre. A normal person cannot even imagine what would go through the mind of a murderer, let alone a person who could murder children.

A lot of people all over the web are attacking our political leaders, blaming them for the failure. They’re blaming the guns, they’re blaming the security; but we need to keep in mind that none of those are the blame entirely. The blame lies solely with the shooter, he is to blame, he is the criminal, no matter what his mental status is.

I do not believe this is the time for politics, and I’m not going to bring politics into this, I will save this for the days ahead. But I do want to state, that while these events are never 100% preventable, these events can be made harder to accomplish.

When thinking about the security of these “safe places,” we need to keep things like this in mind. Schools have gotten better, their security has increased, but it can always be better. Security needs to be layered, it needs to be safer. My mind has gone from fear and sadness to a mindset of security and secure. There is only one school that I’m used to going to, and that is Valley and I see the lack of security there.

We must do better, schools get millions of years that they waste in some instances, let’s make the security tougher, and that will take time. But as Rudolph Guilinani on Fox News just said, “if security was perfect these kids would have been alive, but another group of kids might be dead.” The shooter is to blame, he had a mindset of death and destruction.

I ask that we pray for the victims of this tragedy, I ask that we pray for the children who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. I ask that we pray for the law enforcement officers, the SWAT Team, the investigators that will have to live with what they have seen for the rest of their lives. I ask that we pray for the families, the teachers, everyone who may have been involved. This is a tragedy, we must do better, but for now, Just Pray.

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