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Terrorism Comes Home

Terrorism Comes Home

Hello everybody, I know I know long time no hear... After ending my radio talk show due to my career and my private life, I have for many many months wanted to write something to the fans, and to the people who have supported me for so many years. So I'm back, and instead of doing a radio talk show which takes a long time to plan and actually publish; I would instead just write or in today's world, type my thoughts on current events.

So without further ado, Terrorism Comes Home:

Yesterday, 14 people were shot and killed in California. A group of 3 individuals, came into the Inland Regional Center, well armed and well protected, and shot and killed 14 people and wounded about 17 others... Half way across the world in Paris France, a very similar situation occurred; where a group of about 6 now confirmed to be Islamic terrorists, killed over 100 people.

Ladies and Gentlemen whether we want to admit it or not; Terrorism has come home! 

Our current President has made our country extremely weak, Our current President has allowed these terrorists to continue to fester all over the world, and now at home. Even after, seeing such an event on our own shores, our President rather than standing strong like the French President did, when he stated that his country would show "no mercy in ending the ISIS (Islamic State's) life." Our President, as he has done with every other shooting situation, blames the GUNS!!!

Ever since France, I have wondered what a couple of people at a rock concert with a gun might have been able to do against the terrorists that attacked them that day. Instead of running scared, while two individuals shot everyone around them, a couple of people at that concert with guns could have ended that threat in a very quick manner. What this President fails to understand is that the GUN is not the problem... The threat is!! The threat of terrorism is going to be an actuality forever, and it has been a threat forever!

Remembering back to the U.S.S. Cole bombing... U.S. Military vs. a Boat Full of terrorists, ended with a giant hole in the side of the Cole and a couple of dead sailors. As well all know our military is the most powerful in the world... the Cole could have sunk that dingy full of terrorists within a couple of seconds, but why didn't they? Because the President at the time (Bill Clinton) had set the Rules of Engagement to a point that made it illegal to sink that dingy... Ever since that day, dingy's and U.S.S. Warships don't get close to one another.

But back to the Gun debate... This President believes that guns are the problem, when it comes to mass casualty situations. But in reality, who do we send into situations in which there is a mass casualty situation? Men and Women, with guns... Hopefully guns bigger than those that the terrorists have... and if they aren't big enough then they can always send in the military. This President drives me insane when he speaks of guns with such animosity, while his life is protected by men with guns everyday. 

If I could speak with the President for just a couple of seconds, I would say guns are not the problem... But lets attempt to think this through, just for the fun of it...

Say, that the President took all the guns away from the people... and left guns only in the hands of the police and the military... How would we think that would turn out? We have seen the videos of police officers shooting and killing people for no reason... Now don't think for a moment, that I don't support our police forces because I absolutely do, but I would feel less supportive of our police forces, if they were the only ones who could have guns! That is because of a little thing that a smarter person than I stated in the past: "Absolute power, corrupts absolutely." Police forces and military forces with absolute power, would corrupt them and would and could cause mass casualty situations...

So back to my thoughts here... GUNS are not the problem, GUNS are actually the solution!! Again, think about all the situations you can think of: U.S.S. Cole, Columbine, Sandy Hook, all these situations could have been ended by one person, with a gun.

This Black Friday, according to the sales reports were the best for gun sales! I believe more people are buying guns, because of our crazy world!

In order to end this blog, I want to end with a quote from one of America's past worst enemies:

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." - Isoroku Yamamoto

(I understand that this quote, may or may not be contribute-able to Yamamoto, never the less it is a very true statement.)

I would like to thank everyone for reading my latest blog, and I hope you will continue to keep up with me and my writings.

David A.W. Hittle