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“When the Federal Government fails to provide for the security of its citizens, it shall be the responsibility of the states to ensure its own security.”

“When the Federal Government fails to provide for the security of its citizens, it shall be the responsibility of the states to ensure its own security.”

I don’t know who stated the above but whoever said it the first time, had it spot on.

President Barack Obama announced even before the Governor of Arizona passed its law his direct opposition to it. President Obama stated that this law would violate the civil rights or illegal immigrants.

I never knew that a citizen from a foreign country, who had invaded the soil of the United States had Civil Rights?

Arizona has done the right thing, according to the above quote from an unknown person. The Federal Government has refused for over 20 years to do anything productive about immigration reform…

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan passed what was called the: “Immigration Reform and Control Act.” This bill provided amnesty to about 4 million illegal immigrants who had entered the country before 1982. However it also did a lot of other things as well… According to Wikipedia “The act made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit illegal immigrants; it required employers to attest to their immigration status…”

Since 1986 we have not had any productivity about immigration reform; that was until 2006; when President Bush signed the 700-mile border fence bill which passed Congress.

In 2010 President Barack Obama halted all funding for the building of the border fence…

President Barack Obama has refused to do anything about Illegal Immigration, until very recently… However his recent comments have been negative toward laws that have been passed; such as the bill just passed by Arizona.

People who oppose the Arizona bill are stating it is unconstitutional, because only the Federal Government can affect immigration issues. I disagree with these people due to the fact that Arizona has passed no law that conflict with Federal Law… Federal Law currently makes it illegal, for an illegal immigrant to be in America, Arizona is just enforcing that Federal Law. This may be the part that is unconstitutional, however I doubt it. (*mind you I’m not an attorney but I plan to be one*)

When the Federal Government refuses to enforce its own laws, is it not the responsibility of the states to enforce such laws as may affect them directly i.e. Illegal Immigration.

According to “Protect our City” as many as I could count over 8 people have been killed recently in Arizona by Illegal Immigrants… 8 People is too many for something that is 100% preventable and I find it reprehensible, that these people had to die before something was done about this illegal immigrant situation.

To do nothing about illegal immigrants and god knows who else entering our country is not responsible and it isn’t safe. The only job of the federal government is to protect the American people, they have failed!!